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Kingfisher Lodge

You've tackled some big fish, lost one or two, and had a great day.  Come on back to your room at our place, slip out of those waders, then settle in, relax, and get ready for dinner.  Take a stroll around the place, check out the Bighorn Mountains in the background, talk to your roommate or neighbor about today's or tomorrow's fishing.  Point is, take a breath, stretch a little, drop the cares, ease your mind, and enjoy yourself just like at home.

Interior of one of our rooms

Our air-conditioned rooms are comfortably rustic, but nothing's missing:  complete bathrooms, a small refrigerator for your snacks or drinks, and a pair of beds ready to comfort your casting arm and wading legs.  The long porch out front is perfect for lounging before your meals or just enjoying the sweet, clean air and country quiet.  Hang your waders to dry on the hooks by your door and enjoy local artists's work on your walls or the plants Keri's placed all over.

The lodge is handicapped accessible, too.

Old room key

The Farmhouse

Our farmhouse for those special times

Our special retreat for guests who want to be on their own apart from the lodge, it's a cozy throwback to our place's farming heritage.  Refurbished and renewed, it's got all the modern conveniences, but no pretense.  Call it your home away from home, call it grand, call it whatever, but call us to get it.  Bring your family or your good friends, move in for a while, and enjoy yourselves . . . and your own cooking, if you want.  Special rates are available for this little bit of local farmhouse heaven.  Make your plans early.

Snug farmhouse bedroom

First thing you'll hear in the morning are the Redwinged Blackbirds out on the lawn.  Get up slow, lounge out to your kitchen, and get that first cup of java.  The tidy bedrooms feature hand-carved, cowboy-style furniture, ample closets, and good old doublehung sashes that remind us of the 30's.  Well-insulated and freshly-painted, these rooms are just the ticket for your retreat from a busy life and a welcome sight after a long day on the river.  Be prepared to regret leaving.

Farmhouse living room

Leave your waders outside, because these wood floors deserve your best behavior.  OK, OK, that was a little much, so kick off your boots and sit back in our simple, easy-keeping living room. Read the a book, space out on your memories, or just enjoy the quiet.  There's plenty of room for you and your friends to have a drink, and comment on whoever's doing the cooking in our complete kitchen.   But, remember what they say about too many cooks and the broth . . . especially if you're on cooking duty tomorrow night.

Farmhouse kitchen

Build your own meals in our efficient, restored farmhouse kitchen.  New appliances and plenty of counterspace help make cooking a breeze.  Throw your groceries in the 'fridge, plan some simple meals, and go fishing. Later, you'll enjoy the peace and solitude as you sip a beer or mix a cocktail and argue about who's on KP tonight and who will set the table.  Think of Tammy Wynette as you sit down at the old-fashioned aluminum dining set, compliment the chef du jour, then dig in - dinner's ready. Top


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