We may be out in the country, but our dinners are definitely not bumpkin, no sir!  Our chef can take something simple like chicken, add cornmeal stuffing, a special light crusty breading and some aparagus spears to put out a plate that rivals some quality spots in Aspen or Paris.   So, prepare yourself, because our man in the kitchen will leave you satisfied and wondering how he does it, 'way out here.'

Lounge at Kingfisher Lodge

Before dinner, c'mon over to our main lodge and relax.  Sip a beverage, tell your stories to a new audience, or check out our angling books and magazines. You can enjoy a fireplace blaze during the fall and winter fishing or relax in the cool spring and summer breezes. Dinner is prepared a few steps away, so take in the lingering aromas and watch our crew as they work their culinary magic.  Matt and Keri often stop by to host your evening, so meet their sons, Kade and Cash, as you gather at the table.

Dinner plate, Lamb Shank Bean ragout

Pull up your chair, tuck in your napkin, grab your knife and fork, and have at it.  Everyone's usually too hungry to waste time on formalities, so ask for a roll, finish your salad, and sit back to enjoy a healthy, home-cooked meal.

Remember to save room for dessert, because our kitchen crew puts out some sweet treats to compliment the meal. Add a little coffee or decaf, and your meal is complete.

Our breakfasts and lunches are hearty, too, and we can arrange for special diets if you let us know plenty of time ahead.  Bon appetit!


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